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Who is Chillbean for?

Chillbean is for anyone who likes to be outside, regardless of whether you're climbing a mountain, boating, or just hanging out and relaxing in your yard. Chillbean is small and light, easy to take anywhere, and can be filled in just a few seconds without a pump.

How do you fill a Chillbean?

Roll it out, open it as wide as you can, and move forward to sweep in air. Repeat until you have enough air, then roll together the opening and fasten the straps.

How tough is Chillbean?

Chillbean works on other surfaces besides just grass. It works equally as well on rocks, gravel, and pine cones!

Does Chillbean float?

Of course! You can easily balance lying down and be extremely comfortable.

How small does it get?

Chillbean gets as small as a toiletry bag when packed down and only weighs one kilo.


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